ZYN is...
nicotine enjoyment.

Discover the new, modern way to enjoy nicotine.



ZYN Cool Mint can ZYN Cool Mint can
Two people on motorbikes on the road. Overlay with a light blue ZYN Cool Mint can.

ZYN is...


ZYN Mini Rich pouches offer you a rich and intense nicotine moment.

5 ZYN Slim cans from the ZYN rich nicotine experience range and an open can

ZYN Mini pouches offer you a smooth sensation for a mellow nicotine experience.

5 ZYN Mini cans from the ZYN smooth nicotine experience range and an open can

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Two women sitting at bar table. They are holding ZYN nicotine pouches and a ZYN can in their hands.

ZYN is...
simple to use.

  • Break the seal to open the can​.

  • Place a ZYN pouch under your upper lip.
    You may experience a tingling sensation.

  • Enjoy for around 30 minutes.

  • You can keep the used pouches
    in the compartment on the lid.
    Dispose of responsibly.

ZYN COOL MINT - an open, light blue nicotine pouch can with 2 pouches next to it

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This product is not risk free and contains nicotine, which is addictive. Only for use by adults.